Advent 2019 – Day 21

Since Saturday has been a day for sharing art as reflection and worship, today I wanted to share some of my own.

I am a great fan of balance and symmetry. And I am perpetually captivated by the beautiful symmetries of scripture: the fulfillment of prophecy, God’s perfect alignments of His story, the shadows and glimpses found realized in Christ….

We come to the Nativity, itself a fulfilling of abundant prophecies – an unassuming night, announced by angels to the most unlikely of messengers, that would forever change the world.

It was soon followed by another unassuming night in a cave – another announced by angels to unlikely messengers that would forever change the world.

And now we live in hope of again seeing the face of Jesus appear in our darkness.

Until that day, we celebrate the hope, the anticipation, the already-but-not-yet joy and faith of Advent.

What are your thoughts?

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