Advent 2019 – Day 14

Today I want to share with you another of my favorite pieces, this of Simeon and Jesus by Andrey Shishkin:

Throughout scripture, Jesus is given many names and many descriptions, each represents a part of Jesus’ character, and each carries with it an expectation of who Jesus is and what He is about.

The Magi called Him King. They believed He came to lead His people and they responded with great offerings and worship.

Simeon called Him Christ – God’s anointed. He believed Jesus would be the consolation of Israel and responded by embracing and blessing Him.

John called Him the Lamb of God. He believed Jesus would take away the sin of the world and responded by testifying, pointing anyone who would hear towards Him.

For today’s reflection: What name do you have for Jesus today? What are you believing of Him? How will you respond?

What are your thoughts?

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